The Club

The Club was initially formed in 1985 when a small group of Masters swimmers banded together at Sparkhill Swimming Club.

In 1991 the group were re-named Fox Hollies Masters ('FHM'), and membership steadily increased. The Masters section continued to grow and became an independent club in 1998.

In 2005 FHM was re-named Birmingham Masters and is currently one of the most successful clubs in the Midlands, and the UK.

We are extremely proud to have individual and team; British, European and World record holders in our membership.


Position Name
Head coach Ian Bowley

The Committee

Position Name
Chair: Steve Langford
Secretary: Caroline Saxon
Treasurer: Ian Parker
Membership secretary: Alison McKenna
SwimMark coordinator: Steve Langford
Welfare officer: Caroline Swain
Website: Claire Brookes
Kit: Suzy Hurst
Pauline Cooke
Communications: Katie Walker-Stabeler
Social secretary: Anna McCall
Adam Murcott
Emma Johnson
Men's captain: Liam Herbert
Women's captain: Katie Walker-Stabeler
Independent examiner: Alison McKenna
Open water: Caroline Saxon
Relays: Keith Ingram