The Club was formed in its first incarnation in 1985 then a small group of Masters swimmers banded together at Sparkhill Swimming Club.

In 1991 they were re-named Fox Hollies Masters. Membership increased steadily and the masters section became an independent club in 1998.

In 2005 FHM was re-named Birmingham Masters and is currently one of the most successful clubs in the Midlands. We have individual and team British, European and World record holders in our membership.
Membership secretary:
SwimMark coordinator:
Welfare officer:
Coaching Co Coordinator:
Social Secretary:
Men's Captain:
Women's Captain:
Open Water:
General committee members:
Independent Examiner:
Steve Langford
Luke Swain
Ian Parker
Alison McKenna
Sue Cramb
Caroline Swain
Pete Undery
Suzy Hurst, Harriet Undery, Pauline Cooke
Katie Walker-Stabeler
Edmund Salt
Anna McCall, Sara Gamble, Emma Johnson
Carl Halford
Katie Walker-Stabeler
Caroline Saxon
Keith Ingram
Joanna Cox, Adam Murcott
Terri Halstead