It may have been a long time since you last swam with a club, or maybe you never have at all - what is the polite and friendly way to swim? These are some guidelines that help us all train together:

Before you get in the water
Please help get the lane ropes in place at the start and put them away again at the end of the session - the more people who help, the quicker it gets done!

Always tick your name off on the attendance sheet. If you are new to the club or a guest please write your name clearly on the bottom of the list.

Note which way the lane is going (clockwise or anti-clockwise). That is determined by the flow of the lanes on either side. The reason for this is to avoid clashing arms of people going in opposite directions in adjoining lanes.

Please don't dive into the pool at the shallow end. It is very dangerous.

Now let's get started
If you are not sure where you should be in the lane - start at the back. If you are being held up ask your fellow swimmer if you may go in front and move forward in the lane until you find the right position where you are not holding up the swimmer behind nor catching the swimmer in front.

Always leave a five second gap between you and the swimmer in front when you set off.
If it is a long set and you don't want to wait until the next break and find yourself catching the swimmer in front, the correct way to let them know is to touch their feet a couple of times. The swimmer in front should then stop at the next turn and allow you to pass.

If the swimmer behind is touching your feet don't stop in the middle of the lane, you should stop at the next turn and move to the side to allow the swimmer behind to go in front safely.

In the unfortunate event of a clash with another swimmer in the water (maybe a clash of knuckles or an accidental kick) don't stop in the middle of the lane. But when you get to the next break do apologise and check they are OK - no-one means to do it on purpose!

If you need to get out before the end of the session for any reason, please indicate to the coach as he will be concerned about your welfare.

Just following these simple guidelines will help us all to enjoy our training sessions so much more!

Thank you!
If you are thinking of coming along to try a session out, please be aware that  you must fill out an insurance form to cover you for the duration of the session - these are available on the poolside. You can pay £5 per session for the first 3 swims, after which you would be required to register with the ASA, pay a club subscription and pay a monthly standing order as shown here.