If you are thinking of coming along to try a session out, please be aware that  you must fill out an insurance form to cover you for the duration of the session - these are available on the poolside. You can pay £5 per session for the first 3 swims, after which you would be required to register with the ASA, pay a club subscription and pay a monthly standing order as shown here.
Most of our swimmers enjoy competing at Masters galas. We have regular targeted meets that we attend as a team (keep an eye on this website for updates and upcoming events) and our training sessions are geared around reaching competition fitness to coincide with these meets.

Don't let that put you off though! If you haven't swum for a while or are a bit out of shape we don't expect you to compete straight away! You are welcome to try us out at any session, with Friday and Saturday being the least busy.

For an example of a typical session we usually swim up to 3000 meters in an hour and some sample sessions can be seen 'here'. The coach adjusts the training to suit the fitness, ability and expectations of the swimmers and any impending competitions.