Session one (distance)
Warm up 4 x 150m 150m freestyle
150m pull only
150m kick only
150m freestyle
Main set 4 x 300m 6 x 50m on 50 seconds
3 x 100m on 1 minute 40
2 x 150m on 2 minutes 30
6 x 50m on 50 seconds
Kick set 10 x 50m on 1 minute 30
Swim down 200m easy

Session two (middle distance)
Warm up 300m freestyle
200m backstroke
100m breaststroke
Pre set 12 x 50m on 55 seconds
choice of stroke at 80% effort
Recovery 8 x 50m kick only
on 1 minute 15 or take 10 seconds rest
Main set 6 x 125m alternate between 125m and 100m
6 x 100m both on 2 minutes
Swim down 200m easy

Session three (sprint)
Warm up 3 x 100m freestyle
75m backstroke
50m breaststroke
25m butterfly
Sprint set I 10 x 50m steady freestyle
25m choice of stroke at 100% sprint effort
both on 1 minute
Recovery 200m easy
Sprint set II 8 x 50m on 1 minute 20 (first choice stroke)
12 x 25m on 50 seconds (second choice stroke)
Recovery 200m easy
Aerobic set 5 x 150m 125m freestyle, 25m not front crawl
on 2 minutes 45
Swim down 200m easy

Session four (taper)
Warm up 1 x 600m alternate 50m easy and 25m faster
Pre set 1x 600m steady freestyle pull only
Main set 3 x 400m 90% effort on the first
80% on the second
95% on the third
all on 6 minutes 30
Recovery 200m easy (not front crawl)
Medley set 4 x 100m 4 x 25m medley
Swim down 200m easy
If you are thinking of coming along to try a session out, please be aware that  you must fill out an insurance form to cover you for the duration of the session - these are available on the poolside. You can pay £5 per session for the first 3 swims, after which you would be required to register with the ASA, pay a club subscription and pay a monthly standing order as shown here.